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With the start of a new year is a time of goal-setting and resolutions. One popular resolution is to choose a healthier diet. For people with braces, dietary restrictions on things like raw veggies and plain popcorn may cause a minor problem with this goal. However, there are still a lot of healthy foods to eat!

Steamed Veggies: Vegetables are delicious, and steaming them is a great way to make sure they retain most of their nutritional value but are still soft enough not to damage brackets or wires.

Soft Fruits: Some fruits are to be avoided, such as whole apples or pears. However, soft fruits, such as berries, kiwi, and peaches are a great way to get vitamins and other nutrients into your diet. The fiber and water content of the fruits helps balance the sugars present, making fruit a healthy way to incorporate something sweet.

Low-Sugar Dairy: Most dairy, particularly milk and yogurt varieties, comes with high-sugar options. However, buying plain or low-sugar versions of these treats give you all the benefits of calcium and protein that dairy brings, without the added sugar calories.

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