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Wearing braces is commonly thought of as something reserved for awkward teenagers that need to improve their smile. However, in recent years, more and more adults have turned to having some manner of braces installed on their teeth to address alignment issues in their smile, as well as a host of other factors.

Here are some common reasons why adults have sought out Skyline Orthodontics to have braces installed on their teeth.

It’s not unheard of for the natural processes of aging to alter the integrity of your periodontal ligaments. This is especially true if you’ve had one or more teeth extracted in the past. This can result in a loss of structure that causes the surrounding teeth to twist and move to fill the gap. If these issues aren’t addressed, it can lead to alignment and bite problems or even increase the chances of chips and fractures happening on corresponding teeth.

If you had underbite or overbite issues as a child that were not thoroughly corrected, the alignment issues could become even more pronounced with age.

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