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Dr. Laura Rothe and our orthodontic team in Elkhorn, Nebraska are proud to offer choices for our patients who are aligning their smiles. This means that you can choose, based on your personal needs and abilities, just how discreet or how comfortable you would like this process to a beautiful smile can be. Contrary to what you might have thought previously, achieving an aligned smile doesn’t have to be an unpleasant journey. Let’s look at what your choices are at Skyline Orthodontics!

1- Porcelain Braces: Our Clarity™ ceramic brackets can straighten your teeth comfortably and beautifully in the process. The brackets are small, smooth to the touch, and translucent, making them attractive, natural alternatives to traditional metal brackets.

2- Invisalign®: For the most discreet option to straightening your pearly whites, Invisalign is a clear winner. These clear, plastic aligner trays are simply snapped onto your natural teeth to gently shift them into place. As you change out the aligners every two weeks for a new set, your teeth will move into position discreetly.

3- Metal Braces: With these traditional braces, the wires will attach onto your teeth with brackets. Our metal is stainless steel, making it the most durable option to effectively move your smile into the desired position. These also have the least amount of friction against the metal wire used to align your teeth.

4- Damon® Braces: These high-tech braces use a self-litigating system of movement so that you don’t wear ties as your teeth are moved into place. These employ shape-memory wires to shift your teeth quicker into place. But that’s not all, because of their sliding mechanism, the force used to move the teeth is lighter and more comfortable for you.

If you have been wanting to straighten your smile, now more than ever you can have your smile with the treatment of your choice! Give us call at 402.289.3232 if you would like to know more, or schedule a consultation with Dr. Rothe.