Realign Your Smile with Invisalign® Malocclusion Repair

This dental innovation can help patients who suffer from malocclusion caused by crowded or spaced teeth. Malocclusion occurs when the upper and lower teeth do not align correctly, creating a misaligned bite and causing pain and discomfort in the teeth and jaws. Often malocclusion itself is caused by crowding and spacing in the teeth, a… Read more »

A Healthy Diet While Wearing Braces

With the start of a new year is a time of goal-setting and resolutions. One popular resolution is to choose a healthier diet. For people with braces, dietary restrictions on things like raw veggies and plain popcorn may cause a minor problem with this goal. However, there are still a lot of healthy foods to… Read more »

Oral Health Care Year in Review: Orthodontics

If you are in need of an orthodontic treatment, there are numerous procedures that can be used. Orthodontic treatments are designed to correct issues with misalignments with your smile, so visit us if your teeth are irregular or abnormally spaced or rotated in any way. Whether you need a long-term aligner to straighten teeth or… Read more »

How to Protect Your Braces

Your braces are designed to correct malocclusion and improve the function and appearance of your smile. This is done by applying a light amount of tension to the braces, which stretches the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth in your mouth. If any part of your braces is damaged, bent or pulled loose, it could… Read more »

Focus Your Oral Health Care on the Benefits of Braces

Are you in need of an orthodontic treatment to drastically improve your smile? If you have suffered from a malocclusion, also known as a bad bite, and your teeth are out of position, fortunately, orthodontic treatments such as braces can help you. Through the magic of orthodontic braces, your teeth can be straightened back into… Read more »

Why Invisalign® is a Great Choice for Straightening Your Smile

If you are seeking to straighten your smile, Invisalign® is an excellent choice. Every day, people are seeking better ways to align their smile. That is why, our team here at Skyline Orthodontics in Elkhorn, Nebraska, is happy to present Invisalign clear aligners. Invisalign straightens your smile by using a series of clear, thermoplastic aligners…. Read more »

Holiday Foods and Braces

The holidays are coming up, and with them come parties, friends, and food. But as an adult with braces, holiday food can be hard. There are a lot of things you have eaten your whole life that you suddenly cannot have during this holiday time. You may need to skip that bowl of mixed nuts… Read more »

Got Braces? Here’s How to Prevent Plaque Buildup

As you may already know, cleaning your smile when you have braces can prove to be difficult. Unfortunately, this can create many problems, especially because it gives plaque the chance to gather and stick to the nooks and crannies of your teeth and braces. This can promote tooth decay, gum disease, and white-spotted teeth. It’s… Read more »

Consistent Adjustments Are an Important Part of Realigning Your Teeth with Braces

Each of your teeth is anchored in its specific dental socket by a series of very strong periodontal ligaments. After Dr. has installed braces in your mouth, you will need to return to orthodontic clinic for routine adjustments. Each of these important sessions will apply mild tension to your teeth and braces hardware to stretch… Read more »

Your Orthodontic Treatment Options

Only the rare person is born with perfectly aligned teeth. Orthodontics can make a huge difference for the majority of people, adults and children alike. There are several types of braces available. Speak with Dr. to discover which type best meets your needs and goals. Traditional Braces Traditional braces are made from high-quality stainless steel…. Read more »