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A malocclusion is a condition in which a person’s jaws are not quite positioned as they should be. You may know them as overbites, underbites or crossbites. Do they cause discomfort? Not in every case. People with more mild varieties generally feel fine. However, more extreme malocclusions can cause some discomfort, but such issues can be treated by correcting the malocclusion.

If someone feels discomfort in their jaw or throughout their face, a malocclusion may be the cause. What may be happening is the misalignment is putting strain on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which is where the jaws hinge. When the TMJ gets strained, it can transmit discomfort throughout the jaws and the face.

Sometimes, misalignments can bring the teeth together in a way a that causes them to rub. The rubbing motion can wear down the tooth enamel. Enamel helps protect the inner layers of a tooth from decay, but this protection decreases as the enamel wears off.

Thankfully, realigning extreme malocclusions can keep the TMJ from getting strained and keep your teeth from rubbing on each other. We can help you realign a malocclusion here at Skyline Orthodontics in Elkhorn, Nebraska. Our doctor, Dr. Laura Rothe, can examine and adjust the treatment to bring your jaws to a more comfortable position. Please do not hesitate to call 402.289.3232, as we are always happy to help you.