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Each of your teeth is anchored in its specific dental socket by a series of very strong periodontal ligaments. After Dr. Laura Rothe has installed braces in your mouth, you will need to return to her orthodontic clinic for routine adjustments.

Each of these important sessions will apply mild tension to your teeth and braces hardware to stretch the periodontal ligament. As they gradually yield to the tensile effect, your teeth will start to move toward their ideal alignment.

Consistency is also important to the realignment process. Dr. Laura Rothe typically advocates scheduling each adjustment four to six weeks apart. This generally allows enough time for the periodontal ligaments to adopt their new orientation.

During the adjustment session Dr. Laura Rothe will inspect the braces components and replace or repair any hardware that has suffered a little wear and tear. If you’ve noticed a problem with some part of your braces, be sure to let Dr. Laura Rothe at the start of the appointment.

If you’ve had braces installed at Dr. Laura Rothe’s orthodontic clinic in Elkhorn, Nebraska, and you are aware of an upcoming scheduling conflict with one of your adjustments, please call 402.289.3232 to set up an alternative time.