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At Skyline Orthodontics, our orthodontist, Dr. Laura Rothe is pleased to offer smile straightening treatments for our patients in the Elkhorn, Nebraska area seeking straighter smiles. An aligned smile is beneficial for your appearance and your oral health, as it corrects your bite and protects your jaw from undue stress because of malocclusion.

So if you are wearing braces, you will want to take as good care of them as you do your teeth, because they are doing the hard work of shifting your teeth into their ideal placement. To help you do this, Dr. Rothe would like to highlight some ways to keep your braces in tip top condition while they straighten your smile. Let’s take a look!

1- Are you eating healthy food? Getting the nutrition your body needs to keep your smile healthy includes fresh vegetables, cut into small pieces and which scour your teeth of sugar, lean protein such as chicken, turkey, and fish to strengthen teeth, as well as calcium from cheese or broccoli, are all good choices for your pearly whites.

2- Are you avoiding harmful foods? Hard foods, which can damage your braces include pizza crusts, jerky, popcorn, ice, corn on the cob and hard candies. Avoid these as much as possible because you don’t want to prolong treatment time because you’ve damaged brackets or wires. But it’s not just hard foods, sticky food can wreak havoc on your teeth too. This includes bubble gum, sticky candies or caramels, and even sugary sodas. All of these will harm your orthodontia and your teeth!

3- Are you using your teeth as tools? Please don’t. Your teeth are designed to bite and chew and help you speak. They are not package openers when you can’t find your scissors or nail trimmers for those times you are tempted to bite your nails.

If you are creating the straightened smile of your dreams, we invite you to enjoy this process and take the best care of your smile that you can. If you have questions, please call 402.289.3232 today. We look forward to seeing your beautifully straightened smile as much as you do!