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While most people think of braces as being something used to give teenagers a better smile, more and more adults are having Skyline Orthodontics install braces to improve their smile or to correct certain alignment issues.

It’s not uncommon for the natural processes of aging to cause one or more teeth to become misaligned. This is even more likely if you’ve lost one or two teeth to fracture severe tooth decay. The structural loss resulting from a missing tooth often causes other teeth to turn or migrate to fill the gap. If these issues aren’t addressed, it can lead to alignment and bite problems or even increase the chances of chips and fractures happening on the neighboring teeth.

How far your child’s teeth are out of alignment or how much of an over or under-bite they might have, will greatly influence just how long they will need to wear braces.

Over the course of time and multiple adjustment sessions, the periodontal ligaments anchoring your teeth will ease into their new alignment. As a general course Skyline Orthodontics usually schedules adjustment sessions every four to six weeks.

Once your teeth achieve their ideal alignment, you will need to use retainer. This will need to be worn for a specific period of time while the residual tension in the periodontal ligaments subsides.

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