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Is your smile suffering from a malocclusion? A malocclusion is often categorized as bad bites or misalignments within your jaw or teeth. Oftentimes, these can be caused by oral accidents, environmental factors, or even genetics. If you do have a malocclusion, you may need an orthodontic aligner system to help straighten your teeth and return your smile to its deserved glory.

Many forms of malocclusions often take place within your incisors, which are your front teeth. If your incisors are misaligned, it can cause issues with eating, biting, and even speaking. Various forms include names such as buck teeth, bulldog teeth, misplaced midlines, overbites, and open and close bites.

However, not all misalignment issues are categorized as incisor defects. Some malocclusions can be the result of spacing issues, overcrowded teeth, or instances when there are too many teeth. Transpositions malocclusions occur when teeth erupt above the gum tissue in the wrong spot. Rotation malocclusions are those teeth that have been rotated out of their proper alignment.

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