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If you are in need of an orthodontic treatment, there are numerous procedures that can be used. Orthodontic treatments are designed to correct issues with misalignments with your smile, so visit us if your teeth are irregular or abnormally spaced or rotated in any way. Whether you need a long-term aligner to straighten teeth or are simply looking to move teeth back into their natural rotation, an orthodontic adjustment will be needed.

Orthodontics, also referred to as orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics is a specialty branch of dentistry designed to diagnose, prevent, and treat any issues involving misalignments and bad bites. Through orthodontic treatments, straight smiles can be achieved by properly aligning teeth with the opposite jaw. This ensures a healthy bite is possible to not only keep your smile clean but free of dental damage as well.

When your teeth are in proper alignment, it’ll be easier to bite and chew food. However, realigning smiles takes a bit of work and orthodontic treatments will be necessary. In the past, orthodontic alignments were seen as treatments for children, but numerous advances in dentistry have allowed aligners and braces to be installed that are nearly undetectable to the naked eye.

With orthodontic care and the skilled expertise of our team at Skyline Orthodontics, we can make sure you receive the orthodontic you need. Dr. Laura Rothe and our team can be reached by calling us at 402.289.3232 to schedule an appointment to visit us at our office in Elkhorn, Nebraska.