You can have beautiful, comfortable braces when you visit Skyline Orthodontics for Clarity™ ceramic brackets. Dr. Laura Rothe and our team offer these brackets, because they are small, smooth, translucent, and can effectively move your teeth into a healthier, more beautiful position. Call our orthodontist if you want to receive Clarity ceramic brackets in Elkhorn, Nebraska.

Many people dislike the idea of having braces because their beautiful smile becomes covered with metal wires and brackets. This can look strange, but with Clarity, you don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of your pearly whites. We design these ceramic braces so they are translucent, blend in with tooth color, and resist stains. Additionally, these brackets are smaller than traditional ones, which means they cover less of your smile.

In addition to providing a more discreet straightening treatment, Clarity also offers a comfortable, effective one. Though the brackets are small, they are advanced in order to remain strong during treatment while still being easy to debond afterwards. Their size also makes them more comfortable to wear, as does their dome shape and smooth, round corners. Overall, these brackets help your friends, and even yourself, not notice that you are wearing braces. If you are interested in the beautiful, functional Clarity ceramic brackets, then contact our office today.