Refinement is a normal part of your Invisalign treatment. Teeth do not always move exactly as predicted on your initial Clincheck. Therefore, refinement is designed to “fine tune” your tooth movement and bite relationship in order to accomplish our original treatment goal.

Important considerations regarding the Invisalign refinement process:

  • You MUST wear your last aligner (or retainer provided) until you receive your new aligners to prevent tooth movement and assure the new aligners will fit properly.
  • Elastics/rubber bands (if applicable) should not be worn while waiting for the refinement aligners to be fabricated
  • Up to three refinements are included in the original treatment fee, as long as each are completed within six months of finishing your previous aligners.
  • The number of refinement aligners you receive will depend on the amount of tooth movement needed and will be determined when the new Clincheck is accepted.
  • Lost or broken aligners are billed at $130 for each set (upper and lower) that is replaced.*

*Invisalign Teen includes 6 (3 sets of upper and lower) replacement aligners throughout treatment at no additional charge.

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