Appointment Details

Dr. Laura Rothe is thrilled that you have chosen Skyline Orthodontics to help you achieve a beautiful smile. As a team, our goal is to provide fantastic orthodontic care as efficiently as possible.

Our orthodontist and team members have put much effort into designing our scheduling system. Our goal is to allow you to be seen on time for your appointment, do all necessary scheduled treatments, make appointments as stress free for you as possible, and minimize interruptions to your busy schedule. We understand that everyone has important obligations throughout the day and that your time is very valuable; therefore, we would like to offer come suggestions:

  • Know the school schedules. Consider a lunch hour, study hall, or a school holiday that can be used for an appointment.


  • Pick a different class for each appointment. If you have 7 classes per day, you may only have to check out of 3-4 classes a year.


  • Consider car-pooling with other students or friends.

Scheduling Details

We would like to offer “after school” appointments to everyone. However, sometimes there are not enough of these later hours to go around.

To help treatment progress quickly, please remember:

  • Our “state-of-the-art” treatment allows you to be seen at six week intervals—fewer visits mean less scheduling problems.


  • Longer appointments are scheduled in early morning to midday when the patient is fresh. The more difficult appointments are much easier if the patient is not tired from a busy day.


  • School authorities regard orthodontic appointments as excused absences.


  • If an appointment is missed or changed on short notice, a new appointment will need to be rescheduled as soon as possible, within the constraints of our schedule. Missed appointments will prolong treatment.


  • Our goal is to be on time for each and every patient; therefore, late arrivals can pose a problem. In fairness to other patients, we may need to reschedule or alter the amount of work planned for that appointment.