Our orthodontist, Dr. Laura Rothe, and our orthodontic team want everyone to have the healthy, beautiful smile they deserve.

We offer no-interest financing to make orthodontics more affordable. For your convenience, monthly payments can also be set up on autopay or made online via our website.  Additionally, we offer a discount for those who pay in full at time of service.

Skyline Orthodontics participates with many insurance carriers, and as an added convenience, we will even file your claims for you. Please ask our staff if you have any questions about insurance, financing, or payments.

How much do braces cost?

On average, kids, teens and adult braces cost anywhere between $3000 and $6,500 depending on individual cases. The only way to truly determine the cost of braces is to have Dr. Laura Rothe examine your teeth and identify your specific needs. Factors that influence the cost of braces are case difficulty, length of treatment, insurance coverage, region of the country and more.

 Will My Flexible Spending Account Cover My Braces?

Many employers offer Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) which allow you to set aside a portion of your paycheck in order to pay for qualified medical expenses.  The money you decide to set aside is deducted from your paycheck and transferred directly into your FSA. After incurring eligible medical costs, you can then submit your receipt for reimbursement from your FSA.

Orthodontic treatments usually qualifies for FSA reimbursement. If your employer offers FSA and you know you’d like to invest in a nicer smile and straighter teeth, plan ahead and consult your benefits department. In the long run, you’ll save money while getting all the benefits Skyline Orthodontics has to offer.

How does orthodontic insurance work?

There are many different agreements between insurance carriers and their subscribers, and each contract provides a different benefit. However, orthodontic insurance generally differs from regular dental insurance in that each insured individual usually has a lifetime maximum benefit for orthodontic services. This benefit is paid as a percentage of the orthodontic fee (diagnostic records, initial fee, monthly payments, etc.) until the benefit maximum has been reached. Charges for lost or broken appliances may not be covered by insurance.

How does this office assist you with insurance?

For your convenience, we will gladly assist you in submitting both predetermination and insurance claims pertaining to charges for care rendered in our office. However, please be aware that our primary financial relationship is with our patients or their families and not with their respective insurance companies. Our professional services rendered are charged to the patient, their family, and/or their insurance company. All fees incurred by the insurance company that are unpaid due to any changes, cancellation, or termination of the policy will then become the responsibility of the patient or their family. Please contact our office to notify us of any changes to your insurance policy and to provide the appropriate updated information.

The following guidelines are followed:

Know what your benefits are before treatment starts. If you are not sure, contact your insurance company so you know exactly how much you can expect to be paid and when to expect payment. If desired, we will submit a pre-treatment claim for determination of benefits for you. If you would like our office to submit claim forms prior to treatment, we ask you provide us with the name, address, and telephone number of your insurance carrier as well as the appropriate forms. Please complete the insured or employee portion of your form and sign where indicated. We cannot render services on the assumption our charges will be paid by an insurance carrier. For your convenience, we will accept payments from your insurance company assigned to us by the insured. Such payments will be credited accordingly to your account. If your insurance carrier provides a form for verification of continuing treatment, we will be glad to complete the signature portion.