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Some binkies tend to warp and damage children’s smiles, which is why orthodontic pacifiers have been created. If you want your child to grow into the healthy and beautiful smile they deserve, it’s best to take advantage of the binkies that promote healthy smiles.

After your child’s teeth grow into place, it’s best to have them use a pacifier that contains an orthodontic nipple. This product will prevent the teeth from moving out of position and it will also better withstand friction. Some beneficial pacifiers include:

-The Playtex OrthoPro Silicone Pacifier: This binky naturally massages your child’s gums and successfully promotes healthy smile development.

-The Nuby Gum-Eez Teethers: This binky is designed to comfort newly erupted teeth by massaging them. This option tends to be a favorite among many children.

-The RazBaby Hands-Free Silicone Teething Pacifier: This binky helps with teething by having a fun, bumpy texture.

Dr. Laura Rothe and our team care about your child’s smile, which is why we recommend doing your research and finding a pacifier that gives your child the comfort and proper oral health they need. If you would like additional tips or if you would like to learn more about orthodontic pacifiers in Elkhorn, Nebraska, please feel free to call 402.289.3232 today and talk to your orthodontist or orthodontic team. We are happy to help you!