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On Halloween night, many people hand out hard, sticky, unhealthy candies to the ghosts and witches that knock on their doors, but they don’t realize that these treats can promote tooth decay in every child’s smile. However, there are things you can do to keep from being one of these people, and one thing you can do is hand out healthier treats, like:

• Dark chocolate
• Apples
• Sugar-free gum
• Sugar-free lollipops
• Sugar-free candy
• Non-sticky treats
• Cereal bars
• Pretzels
• Granola bars

You can also hand out bottles of water to those who trick-or-treat at your doorstep. They are most likely parched and dehydrated from the Halloween tricks and treats, and they will be grateful for the water. You can also hand out toothbrushes as well as puzzles and small games to the children to entertain them and to remind them to clean their smile after they eat their many treats.

No matter which treats you decide to hand out, make sure you do not hand out chewy, sticky, or sour candy. These treats will cling to the children’s teeth and will produce acid in their mouths, which will likely result in tooth decay.

So, help your neighborhood children this Halloween by handing out teeth-healthy treats this Saturday night! We look forward to hearing about your choice of Halloween treat!