Pitts21 System®

The Best Smiles

Pitts21 PRO was designed to create wide, beautiful 12 tooth smiles. Pitts21 PRO allows your orthodontist to create smiles that are as unique as the individual.

Faster Treatment Time

Designed for shorter treatment times. With the precision of Pitts21 PRO, your orthodontist will be able to deliver exceptional results sooner.

Fewer appointments to fit into your already busy schedule. The efficient Pitts21 PRO system means that your child’s teeth will move quickly and predictably, so fewer appointments may be needed.

Exceptional Comfort

Pitts21 PRO braces are designed with smooth rounded corners to create a more comfortable experience. Pitts21 PRO also has a smaller profile, and a rubber band-less door, which supports better hygiene since plaque has less of an opportunity to accumulate.

Pitts21 PRO braces are specially designed to move teeth faster and with less force, so there is almost no discomfort. Gone are the days of painful wire tightening. With our virtually frictionless system, your child's tooth movement will go unnoticed and the results will be apparent sooner.

The Pitts21 PRO Difference

Braces have changed a lot in the last 15 years. If you wore braces, you likely wore older technology that used elastics to connect the wire to the bracket. The older elastic systems created uncomfortable friction after each appointment and had other challenges including: difficulty cleaning, tooth removal, and longer treatment times.

Pitts21 PRO uses the latest in braces technology by securing the bracket to the wire using a frictionless sliding door. The good news for you and your child is this leads to faster treatment times, exceptional comfort, and the most beautiful smiles.

What Are The Benefits of Pitts21 PRO Braces?

Pitts21 PRO self-ligating braces offer a number of aesthetic and functional benefits for both adult and adolescent patients, including:

  • Faster correction of common orthodontic concerns such as spaces between the teeth, crowding, general misalignment, and bite irregularities
  • Less pressure is necessary to move the teeth
  • The brackets are designed to have a lower profile on the teeth and smoother, rounded corners, which can make them less apt to create irritation in the lips and soft tissues of the mouth
  • Patients typically require fewer follow-up appointments for maintenance
  • Easier to brush, floss, and remove food particles from the braces
  • Depending on each patient’s unique needs, additional oral appliances such as palate expanders or headgear are often not necessary

Why Are Pitts21 PRO Braces Placed So Close To The Gum Line?

Smile Arc Protection brackets are placed to enhance and protect the Vertical Incisor Position and Smile Arc of the incisal edges.

  • Greatly Improved Esthetics
  • Broader Smile reducing or eliminating dark corners of the smile
  • Smiles that follow the curvature of your lower lip rather than a flat smile where teeth are lined up straight across
  • Improves Performance of the Appliance
  • No more gingival swelling than usual, depending on patient compliance
  • More vertical incisor display where you see more of your front teeth
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