What Sets Us Apart

A Lifetime of Beautiful Smiles!

Our smiles are how we connect with one another: they open doors, set others at ease, and make a lasting impression. When we know our teeth are straight and healthy, we feel comfortable with our appearance, and that confidence is obvious in every interaction, in every smile we share.

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, Dr. Laura Rothe and her team are here to help!

What’s Different at Skyline Orthodontics?

We are committed to providing exceptional care, from the first phone call to the final retainer check. We will give you the healthy, radiant smile you deserve, and help you enjoy every step of the orthodontic journey!

As a team, we:

  • Maintain a welcoming, family-oriented environment, where you feel heard, relaxed, and know you’re in skilled and compassionate hands
  • Utilize advanced, proven orthodontic practices and technologies to ensure accurate diagnostics, treatment planning, and treatment
  • Take time to get to know you and establish a trusting rapport; we all love creating smiles and also value building lasting connections with patients and families
  • Provide ethical treatment guidance, fully answer your questions, and immediately respond to any concerns
  • Give you personal attention at every visit, and never leave you lingering in the reception area or feeling rushed through an appointment
  • Keep you smiling throughout the treatment process!

Beyond Your Smile

Many people think of orthodontic treatment as a means of changing one’s appearance. While braces create a lasting change in one’s self-esteem, there are other benefits to treatment, too.

As she designs your treatment plan, Dr. Rothe looks to the future. She considers your current oral health concerns and how treatment can make a long-term change in your bite, to improve your dental health. Properly aligned teeth are easier to brush and floss thoroughly, too, which decreases the likelihood of future dental disease.

You will finish your orthodontic experience with optimal oral health and a smile that radiates confidence!

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